In 1994. the group of basic sports enthusiasts established triathlon club in Pancevo , Serbia.
Mostly active swimmers, who under pressure of economic sanctions remained without a pool, give the name of the club at that time the only location for swimming segment of the competition, the river Tamis .
Every year they organized Pancevo triathlon , which with the longest tradition has become one of the most famous sporting events in the city.

In 2012. The Pancevo Triathlon (750m swim – 20km bike ride-5km run) broke the record for the number of participants from the region. At the Olympic pool in Pancevo Triathlon Club “Tamis” organized the Serbian Championship in Aquathlon (1000m swim – 5000m run) which issued a phenomenon of sixty children at the finish of this difficult discipline, and over a hundred competitors in all categories.
Enthusiasm and the highly professional work has brought high results in 2012. year. Triathlon Team “Tamis” has reached a kind of culmination in all competitive selections:

-Vladimir Stojsavljević Serbian Championship winner in Olympic triathlon(1.5km swim – 40km cycling-10km running)
-Igor Vukovic Duathlon Champion(2.5km run – 20km cycling-running 2.5km)
Ksenija Bodlović Olympic triathlon Champion (1.5km swim – 40km cycling-10km running),
Pancevo Triathlon winner, (750m swim – 20km bike ride-5km running)
Serbian Champion in sprint triathlon(750m swim – 20km bike ride-5km running)
Aquathlon State Champion (1000m swim – 5000m run)

– In one of the most prestigious triathlon Challenge series in the Danish city of Copenhegen, the biggest and toughest sporting challenge (3800m swim – 180km bike ride – 42.195km running)
Vladimir Savic has set a New IRONMAN record for Serbia

-Peter Ivačković Duathlon Champion(2.5km run – 20km cycling-running 2.5km)
Serbian champion of the Xterra Triathlon (500m swim-bike-ride 9km run 3km)
Somborman triathlon Winner (750m swim – 20km bike ride-5km running)

– In the far city of Elezig,Turkey, Danilo Jovanovic wins Ballkans Champions title
(750m swim – 20km bike ride-5km running)

As the racing season crown Triathlon Team “Tamis” wins Club State Champion title for 2012. year